Whether you own a tiny chihuahua or a large great dane, we help your beloved canine friend feel happy and settled during their stay. Our accommodation is safe and comfortable. The purpose-built enclosures have indoor/outdoor areas with a bed and space for a personal item or two. During the day dogs can go out into larger runs where they can bask in the sun, lounge in the shade, swim in a shell pool or curl up on a chair. We also pipe soothing music into the kennels 24/7 to create an ambient environment.


We strive to cater to individual pets. More active dogs can enjoy toys and ball games with the staff. Those that prefer the calmer way of life will find plenty of places to lie around and relax. Because dogs are naturally social creatures, we aim to find them some buddies to play with. They are paired, or put in groups, with other dogs of similar age, size and energy levels. Lead walks are also done in small groups. Think your dog may benefit from a little more? Why not consider a beach excursion for them and their new buddy?

We boast a menu of premium foods, offered twice daily, which includes chicken and rice formula, premium dry foods and a variety of raw and cooked meats, vegetables and rice. We have treats and raw bones, chicken necks and wings for dogs that are used to them. Because dogs are natural hunters, we also have enrichment-based feeding for those that need a little more mental stimulation during their day. Frozen food and treats are given out during the warmer months.

We have some specially designed ‘aged-care’ runs for dogs over the ageof 10 years (if required/requested), or those with injuries, who require flat, easy-to-traverse surfaces.

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