Effective: 16 July 2018

Cats – $25 per calendar day

Small Dogs (King Charles, Maltese, Chihauhau) – $30  

Medium Dogs (Beagle, English Staffy, Kelpie) – $33

Large Dogs (Lab, American Staffy, Small German Shepherd) – $36

Giant Dogs (Mastiff, Great Dane, Rotti) – $40


Doggie Daycare – $25

KittyKat Play Day – $15

Beach Excursions – $40

Baths – $TBA

Taxi Service – $TBA



  1. Rates are inclusive of boarding, 2 meals per day plus treats, play time with staff & socialisation with similar tempered breeds. If we are unable to socialise your dog whilst in our care an additional surcharge will apply.
  2. Charges start from the day of drop off, irrespective of drop of time. Final day charge is based on departure time – morning departure no additional charge. An afternoon departure incurs 50% of the boarding fee.
  3. All bookings require 30% of full fee or a minimum of 1 day’s rate, whichever is the highest non-refundable booking deposit.
  4. All holidays incur a surcharge: Christmas & Easter holidays $4; Other holidays and Public days $3.
  5. Doggy Daycare & KittyKat Playtime runs from 8am-5pm.
  6. Beach Excursions consists of a 40 minute lead beach walk, inclusive of travel time.
  7. Baths: rate is dependent on type of coat & time takes to bath, detangle & dry coat.
  8. Taxi Service: rate is based on travel time. Please ask staff for a quote.
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