What do I need to bring?

Your pet’s current, valid vaccination certificate.

            F3 for cats

            C5 for dogs

Vaccinations must have been administered no less than 2 weeks prior to entry and proof is by way of vaccination certificate from the vet only. We cannot admit your pet without this.

You do not need to bring beds, bedding or toys however if you choose to whatever you bring must be freshly laundered and labelled, we cannot guarantee safe return of these items. We provide beds, bedding and toys.

If you dog requires medication, special diet or any special needs you need to provide us with clear written documentation.

Can I inspect, or take my pet to their room?

You are more than welcome to come have a look at our facilities. We do recommend that you make an appointment to ensure staff have sufficient time to show you around and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We prefer you say goodbye to your pet at reception on their first day as it makes for a smoother transition and is generally less stressful for you and your pet.

Will my dog get Canine Cough?

Sending your dog to a boarding facility is like sending a child to school. If a virus is in the environs some will be affected some won’t. It only takes one infected dog to spread a virus, remember we only accept vaccinated dogs and turn away those showing any symptoms. Most viruses incubate for at least 7-10 days so there is the possibility of a dog slipping under the radar unbeknown to staff and owners.

No amount of hygiene or disinfecting can completely combat an airborne virus. If you leave your dog in a kennel you need to accept the risk that your dog may contract a virus.

What are the emergency procedures?

At Caloundra Pet Resort we have procedures in place for all types of emergencies. We have experienced care-takers that live on-site so we offer true care of the facility and our guests. For any after hours pet emergencies we deal with Pet ER in Tanawha who are a 24 hour vet surgery. For any emergencies during normal hours we have relationships with all of the vets in our local area, or provided your preferred Veterinary Clinic is within a reasonable distance for Caloundra Pet Resort, we are more than happy to take your pet to them.

Why do you play music to pets?

Caloundra Pet Resort

For many years research has shown the calming effect that soft music has when being played in many different situations for both humans and animals. Over the last decade or so music produced specifically for certain species of animals has become huge. There are whole radio stations dedicated to dogs and series upon series of CD’s with music specifically designed to calm your dog or cat. We find that playing soft music in the background of the cat and dog accommodation creates ambience, provides comfort and masks some of the sounds that may cause your pet stress. It breaks up the silence and is especially useful for those that aren’t too fond of the sounds that an impending storm creates. We play a selection of soft classical music as well as a mix of the Through a Dogs Ear and Through a Cats Ear CD series.

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